Disclaimer: To those who receive a spirit art or reading-Your art is created to tell a story from a soul level, and more so, for YOU to interpret the images, symbols, and colors. Your reading will be quite lengthy, so I would recommend you initially read this in privacy, and comfort, where you will not be disturbed, and take your time to let it all sink in. Your Spirit Art holds energy and is meant as an activation art piece to utilize when meditating, or reflecting.
You should not expect anything from this reading, except to take what resonates with you and leave the rest. Read it again in a few years. I believe my guidance system comes through to me in conjunction with yours, and I receive blocks of thought and/or visions through my own filter and reference system. I am not a fortune teller, rather a story teller. If something does not match in accordance to your memory of what I am picking up, just leave it. I believe I am reading energy, and sometimes there can be distortions, so I offer my interpretations to be reflected and expanded upon by you. You will find accuracy in its meaning, especially if you know how to read between the lines. Your Spirit Art and Reading can also be metaphoric, the language of the subconscious mind. Sometimes it has layered meanings and may not be so obvious. This art may also trigger you to receive more messages on your own. I encourage you to interpret it the way it feels best to you. Our guides promote healing and activations to guide you on your current path in the present moment. Because this is a “collective” of spiritual assistance, whether it be from your oversoul, higher self, your own guidance system, they refer to “WE,” when speaking to you, and in other parts of the reading, I will narrate what I feel I need to express. And again, if you do not ask questions, do not assume what you want answered will be picked up. Spirit will give you what you need, maybe not what you want, because your experiences are viewed from a higher perspective. That is why I prefer you to ask questions. Some information can be precognitive, however, that is only if a creation on a timeline is built in momentum for manifestation. When you realize you are multidimensional, timelines change by your thoughts, and belief systems, and… in a moments time- as you know it, so no-thing is written in stone. I may use your art anonymously for my own projects, commercially, to display on my website, or for teaching purposes.
 For more information read Terms and Conditions on my website.