When I first started to paint, I painted an abstract mural on my bedroom wall at the age of 15. I have the picture somewhere, when I find it, I will add it. I painted the rock group YES on my wall, I painted Jimmy Hendrix, Frank Zappa, they were not that great although I captured their spirit pretty well. I tried so many portraits and they came out distorted. When the person I painted would look at themselves, hahahaha, it was pretty funny. I did get better at it eventually. After that, murals were my thing for awhile until I learned to paint with oils on canvas. Then acrylics, then water and pastels, then, finally digital. These are obviously amateur. It took a passion and a lot of practice.

I began noticing faces or spirits in my work from the beginning. It wasn’t until after I looked at the photographs of the progression of my artwork, would I see a spirit on the canvas that would actually become the image I painted. This was unknowingly.