DiSanoViSions Gallery features painter, digital artist, illustrator and writer, Chris DiSano-Davenport. Chris is a gifted intuitive councelor that has studied endless modalities of metaphysics, energy healing, natural law and the paranormal for over 20 plus years. As a self taught artist and through dedicated meditation, she has been guided to use her energy as a tool, incorporating into her art, vibrational coding that is meant to soothe the soul. Every artist has their own energy imprint in their work, however, expressing positive intentions while connecting to our Higher Source, Chris’ art has the purpose of activating the multi-dimensional bodies through the language of light.

Many of her clients received her “spirit art and readings,” yet her skills are continually being upgraded and expanded for “all” instead of individually at this time. This form of art will be added to our gallery soon and prints will be available for purchase to those who it is meant to resonate with.

We will also be adding many new and upcoming Spirit Art, original paintings, prints, mixed media art such as paper mache’ sculptures as well as our children’s book’s and their illustrations, some are already displayed. Presently a portfolio, you can still purchase digital downloads of Chris’ Ebooks as well as Kerwin’s custom orders at Higher Energy Spirit Art and Tepanewa Trade’s website and Blog. hyrnrg.com Thanks!
Please check back as this site unfolds…many creative projects are underway including the third Little People book… we are also going though some (positive) major transitions! More to come!