This is a spirit art I did for a friend actually, who has the gift of sight. He sees holograms and orbs and can step into portals. His guides revealed he has the DNA of the ancient ones from the oldest star galaxy in our Universe. His dog was the catalyst to his awakening, more so, re-membering. This reading hits home for me too because, his dog’s soul is very special to me. On my journey meeting my friend, I had lost my dog who was a female white husky a year or so earlier. When she was alive and well, she had been to this person’s business establishment with me and my husband several times. I had never met this person yet. When we were looking for our home and to relocate, and while we were waiting for our home to be prepared for us, we lived there. I wrote my 3rd book there too, and I found out by my guidance system, through tremendous synchronicity on the Lions Gate 8/8/2019; I actually went into zero point that day (and that has only happened a handful in my life so far, without meditation or seeking to go there, this friend of mine here, goes there too a lot) to receive the information that his dog, was my dog, and they were the same soul. I knew it subconsciously when I saw his dog out the window for the first time. I refused to meet his dog, when my husband told me about him, because it was not something I could handle right then.

When I dreamt about my dog after her death, she was a huge white male version of her Self. My friend’s dog “IS” just that. She died in May, and his dog was born a year later in May. This is not something you tell someone, although I was told I should, but luckily come to find out, my friend was very open, and soon after the visions intensified for this person. I finally asked to play with his dog and I saw my dog in his eyes, they sparkled like magic. I asked his dog, “Do you remember me?” His dog, laying down, sat up, and walked to me, and bowed his head into my lap. We were amazed. It was one of the greatest revelations and learning lessons I ever experienced. We are only caregivers for these precious souls as they go through their own experiences. My friend has a lot to offer the soul of this precious dog, the love for this dog is everlasting from the both of his caregivers.

While playing with his dog one evening by a fire, my husband, our friend, and myself, all witnessed UFO’s that flashed in the sky with our own eyes, matter of fact, the night before we left to our own home. This friend of ours, sees them always, amongst many other worldly things. The spiritual story goes on….