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These are handmade one of a kind little people friends, faerie, fae, fairy plush soft dolls, made with various remnant fabrics, there will be no one “a-like” these original dolls.  They are large, approximately 21 or larger inches, with an embroidered butterfly that landed on their hands. Their bodies are created with fleece fabric mostly, or whatever remnants I have, faces are embroidered with my original digitized design. Hair is felt, hand sewn, with cascading different types of yarn flowing from the top. Clothes from remnant fabrics are typically sewn onto the doll. Wings are embroidered with my own design onto holographic material, tulle, yarn or ribbon and silk flowers, and come off by way of velcro.  All machine and hand sewn. If any of my dolls have beads, sequins, buttons, or small parts of any kind, just a warning they can possibly be harmful to young children. Damp cloth wash ONLY. Please look closely at pictures or message me with questions. I consider them little people friends of The Little People…An Enchanting Adventure book series.

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