This is a face I saw during my meditation and I quickly sketched her when I was finished. (Then digitally painted her.) I mean she was grinning soooo BIG. My DNA was being recoded. She represents an elemental that is as tiny as a cell who assists humanity with recoding their DNA to receive more light and restore it to its original 12 strands. She is light intelligence that is connected to Sirius. I did receive a message that I am meditating on. She said “Integrating duality into the Trinity.” As soon as I can comprehend this message better, I will be back to explain. I actually almost forgot that I had seen her, obviously she did not let that happen.

I completed her today which is the Lion’s Gate. I was told it is a portal to manifestation and the Higher Dimensions are also sending us energy as well. Last night I saw the portal opening, it was a sign that was shown to me.