This quick painting is more of an animated version of what I saw one night. My dog was really sick, even hard for me to say without getting emotional, nearing the end of her life and I slept on the floor with her. I was extremely exhausted and I saw several of these short greys standing in the background of the room.

It startled me so I closed my eyes to open them again and there they still were. I closed my eyes again to open them to see I was not losing my mind. Or was I? They were still there.

I closed my eyes again afraid and began to say something like “I am of love and light through Christ and nothing can enter my space without my permission.” I said it a few times really fast and this last time I opened my eyes they were gone. Mind you, all of this was moments in time, it happened so quickly and as I was not initially afraid, I started to get freaked out a bit after it sunk in what I was actually seeing.

All I could see were their heads and partial bodies so not sure the kind of shoes they had on. I just improvised. 😬 I believe it was days later I was sketching them and I felt this was a message in some language from them. I have no idea what it means. It was short but I duplicated it here for artistic purposes.

Anyway, maybe they would have helped heal my dog and my fear made them go away. I want to believe the experience was positive. Maybe someday I will find out. I will never forget it that’s for sure.