This is a guide/future Self/aspect of a soul, of the spouse of a new friend of mine. This spirit guide represents the traditional culture of the Hindu religion on the surface, yet her wisdom is multidimensional and scientific based on quantum metaphysics, as she is a master of timelines, pathways, and dimensions of realities. I feel this guide is the fractal of the subconscious she is already tapping into in regards to her own studies, and wisdom, that is right there coming to the surface, only to re-member and crystalize.

The fire represents the fire letters, fire codes that are embedded in the 12 strands of DNA and once understood, will be the key to opening the portals as “The Pathfinder.”

This is one of my favorite visions that completely inspired me. It took 16 hours to complete, the artwork alone, but I did not feel it, as it flowed with each energetic stroke of my digital pen!

(I had to shrink the file tremendously, so hopefully you can see it clearly)

*It seems this is prevalent at this time in my life with the DNA 12 strand awareness surfacing in my current reality as well. Maybe in a different way. I feel it is really important for all of humanity to re-member.

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