This sweet creature of the sea is painted on a 16×20 canvas in acrylic and then I digitally enhanced her. She came to me in meditation two separate times, years apart. The first time it was me looking at my hands seeing them webbed. I did not look like your typical mermaid. My eyes looked like fish eyes and I did have legs and a floral yellow dress on. I was dancing on the sand with a child mermaid, possibly mine or a sister, while whales (our friends) were jumping out of the water in the distance. I new I was some type of sea creature. The second time in meditation, I was surprised by seeing her again, something like this image. She was similar to my first vision, however, she represents the mermaids of a specific time. I flowed and improvised my perception of what I painted from my imagination and I now know her to be a Mermaid of MU. The message my guides gave regarding this spirit art, is for all those who resonate and are drawn to the MU Mermaids and the magical creature’s of the sea of Lemuria.


“This image has come up to show you that you come from a magical line of sea beings that are ancestors of the collective species of whales, even though they are physically different. The consciousness connection to the ancient Mermaid of Mu, is also the beginning of the form of human physicality- as we are all connected, their consciousness is a reflection of your own, as a reminder that you have ancient knowledge free flowing as in the vastness of the ocean. It is an expression of life, from another world that has a much higher vibration that you are being asked to tap into. It is already a part of you. Your friends from the sea are telling you to tap into their frequency from that life to balance your emotions and heal triggers which we see you have been doing a great job, if you are drawn to this message, you are doing the reflective and integration work. Know that these types of beings are your guides presently and represent a higher intelligence. To have a higher intelligence has nothing to do with the ego or knowledge or being smart, it is the knowing within you that you trust, in comparison to your highly intelligent dolphin friends and the deep soulful expansive wisdom of the humpbacks and blue whales. You evolved from a species like this similar to the physical features you have now, as you also have seen modern mermaids evolve, but you are not that, (a surface meaning that goes much deeper) you are light that transforms into anything your energetic coding of your DNA attracts and aligns with through collective evolution. This life as a mermaid in Mu of Lemuria was partially representative of the beginnings of your soul, yet pieces fractalized in different realities that you live simultaneously present. This life you felt much joy and assists your understanding of two different worlds- on land and in water. You are also asked to believe in the sea of possibilities. So, tap into that ancient Joy and Wisdom that is a part of you NOW.”

I said to my guides, I remember as a child or teen swimming in the lakes where I lived and swimming around as if I knew how to so well, always saying to myself under the water, “I am a mermaid!”

“Yes, this is your connection to the life in Mu. She is not exactly depicted in the physical as you have painted, but close. We see an artistic flare in your art, we can say the face and hands are accurate and she did actually have a type of hair similar to human hair. The hair in your art is very much representative of the nervous system, more alive than human hair now. So your drawing is a perfect representation.” There is a bit more of a message in the video below.

Thank you for assisting me in this art and reading! I hope who ever reads this finds a connection to her as well! Because this is you, and a mini message from your mermaid guidance system.

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