Just a quick fun painting, messing with colors, nothing seriously detailed. But here you can see how I paint light language. It is usually different almost every time I draw or paint it, as it will all depend on the energy I am tapping into. Think of it this way, even though it can be a bit more complicated to explain, imagine what would you paint depending on your mood? It cannot be forced. If you are in a bad mood, you will not be able to paint a happy face, maybe an ugly one, then you can laugh and start over. So, when I create light language, I set my emotions and thoughts aside for a moment, and I try to tap into higher energy. 🙂 Like the sun’s energy.

Now, speaking light language, is kind of the same, you tap into a higher energy with intention, or it can come unexpectedly.

It is like with anything, energy infused…. where does the energy come from? What does it contain? What does energy do to a human being? Can you feel someone else’s energy? Can you feel energy from an object? Are you receiving energy from a Source higher than you? Everything is made of energy, so it is certainly there. How it is expressed is what it’s all about.

I quickly and slightly added 12 strands of DNA that are in this little painting too, as the 12 rays of the sun. Some you cannot see. I decided to leave it the way it is. Obviously, we humans no longer have all of our 12 strands that I believe, we were originally created with, years, and years, and years, ago. I will just describe the spiral as our Ascension, or densities, or consciousness moving upward.

In this short video, I give the simplest explanation of what light language is, all from my own experience and from my perception. I witnessed others sing it, and draw it, and they may have more profound ideas where it comes from. I do agree it is unusual and beautiful. It came to me naturally… artistically, and vocally.

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