This is who we really are…

Living light. We are infinite and sacred and sacred geometry is embedded within our light bodies. I had a vision of my husband in meditation and actually saw this. His light body is a part of the Universe, made of millions of stars, tiny energy particles. Without the body we are fluid and we can learn to be similar in fluidity now while still in the physical. As our vibrations raise, our carbon based cells that are crystallizing adapt to our multidimensionality. Healing must come first and that is integrating/learning/accepting/forgiving to be able to flow fluidly with our light bodies, because this is our true essence. We become lighter when we drop all the emotional baggage and false beliefs that no longer serve us. We need to learn to tap into that true essence. We are the Universe or many universes, it is inside of us.

As I started doing more of these, I started to speak it and I learned that I am tapping into the quantum construct of interstellar fields of molecular light in a language that is expressed outwardly in different forms.  Light language is sound and light frequency penetrating light bodies of an individual at a cellular level to their specific needs.  It is the multi-dimensional language that is recognized by the soul.  It activates and recodes the DNA signature and immediately connects and merges, therefore, balances, clears and sends information through sacred geometric patterns.

As I was painting him I felt such healing energy and knew this would heal him. Heal exactly what I do not know but I had a thought to do this for others as well. I know purple represents mastery and as we integrate all of our resistances, polarities, emotions and old belief systems, we become whole and our vibrations rise. This is what is occurring within my husband and within all of us.

This image is an activation for our living light bodies.

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