This is a portrait I decided to do for one of my favorite spiritual teachers who goes by the name Magenta Pixie. She is a channel that communicates with the council of nine, and has 5 best selling books out there that will change your life. I have been listening to her for years.

I did not give her a reading, however, I saw fire while I was painting her, either she is a fire sign, or her energy is fiery, and something in regards to the fire letters? A spiral appeared on my canvas by accident and I said ok, a spiral for her so I painted the triskele armband. She also spoke about the rose gold triskele in one of her videos awhile back, that is why I picked the triskele after I saw the spiral on my canvas. The spiral is significant for her and I am sure she already knows this.

Check her out

not for resale

Also, without her permission, it is her face, after all, this is not for resale.

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