This is a painting I just finished after several months. It’s painted in acrylics on a large mural size canvas 48 x 60. I almost gave up on it because it was not my favorite, until I painted the UFO. I felt I needed to push myself and finish what I started. I used fun acrylic metallic paints for some of the land structures. But I used the basic colors in Liquitex, white, black, red, blue, and yellow and challenged myself to make the UFO look metallic without using metallic paints. I am very happy with it. This painting was a learning curve for me. Well I guess all my art is, so…All of it was created from my own imagination with only minor references that I improvised off of briefly, like Jupiter. Turns out I was guided to do the Merkabah and a light language and was told intuitively from my guidance system, that this is an activation. And UFO’s….. let me tell you, I have been painting and drawing them since I was a teenager. I think there is more to this than just my imagination, of course.

The meaning of this has not come to me yet, not sure why I painted Jupiter…We shall see in time.

Update: I believe Matias De Stefano says Jupiter is Love, I accidentally heard this and cannot find where he said it. Must be a good reason I painted this planet in view. Scroll down and relax while I show you how I painted this awesome painting. It’s awesome to me at least. Ha!

Hey watch until the end so you can see how I paint the UFO.

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