Now this one I painted just to be able to help others understand the influence beyond the veil that is possible if we do not keep our vibration high. These are demons effecting the man in worry or despair. They are causing him pain by controlling his thoughts and whispering this man’s weaknesses to him. He attracted them for some reason and this is something we should all think about within our own lives. The demon that was once human got caught up in violent earthly life experiences. Guess what/who he met with at his death? The positive thing is, he is awakening and the man in despair still has a chance to change. We all have this chance, always, to awaken.

There are ways to also protect yourself. The Lord’s Prayer for one and here are two commands given by master astral projector and out of body experiencer’s Mark and Angela Pritchard. They say through their experience, when out of body, that these do work.

You know there are many negative entities just waiting to keep us from enlightenment. I know through my own attack years back. Keep this in mind. I also had a dream that the human demon I painted was lurking around my brother Tim, who passed away. I was trying to protect him in the dream. My brother was at a bar with this dude standing behind him, watching him. Yeah a bar in the dimension he was partying, so you understand what mind frame my brother was still in as well, obviously the reason he attracted this scenero and this being in the lower astral.

say 3 times and put your hand as if pointing your index and middle.

In the Name of Jupiter, Father of Deities, I expel you, Te Vigos Cosilim.


You pronounce it three times:

Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin, Amphora of salvation, I would like to be next to you, Materialism has no strength next to me, Bellilin Bellilin Bellilin.

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