I know that is a long title, but that is exactly what they are.
This personalized activation represents spiraling up and out of 3D, that will re-code her DNA therefore connecting her with her galactic intelligence. This is the message I received as she may receive something different. Both are accurate. These portraits are meant not only to activate our light bodies but to assist in recoding DNA and decoding the messages they contain.

I am so inspired to do these as they have a little bit of everything I have loved to do within my art. Portraits, light, spirituality and communicating with Prime Creator through Holy Spirit. It only comes to me once in a while to do these for others.

This one symbolizes blue for communication yet it also came to me blue for Arcturian’s and their light language, a part of her heritage. Unalome symbol signifies this souls ascension process. Binary numbers that represent new programs replacing the old. The upper chakras to focus on and the lotus flower, regeneration/rebirth.
Arcturus star represents her true home in the galaxy, abundance and the energy is encoding/upgrading her DNA through her nucleotides.
This symbolizes protection, igniting the synopsis’ in the brain, heartbeat light language, Christ Consciousness, the Merkabah, truth and new beginnings. Completed February 23, 2019