This is a spirit art with an indigenous guide that was on this earth many years ago. He represents the NEW Earth and explains the new ways of the new earth that we are moving into.

This was taped as I used my original way of creating spirit art with pastels, and added the new way to enhance it with digital art. 😉


This spirit art is a visual metaphor for the new earth. Benoway is the name of a spiritual guide who represents the natural world and the ways of the ancestor’s original connection to Absolute Source. The indigenous cultures from the beginning of time, when humanity came to be one with the earth, had a strong connection and knew the ways of balance and harmony, this is representative of the new earth. There will be many new things that are different from the original 3d earth, compared to the ascended earth. We can mention a very few, but important points here.

What may be experienced, are ways similar to the old ones and the old ways of living such as in authenticity, integrity and living by means of trade. Learning comes easy for an individual with focus and the passion to achieve, but in an inspirational way, not through driven force. Learning and living is different on the new earth. It is based on energetic activations and connecting with specific codes that open up a library of knowledge when someone puts forth the effort coming from inspiration, they will *receive/allow the downloads of coding that will assist them in achieving a creative outcome of whatever they are wishing to create. It is similar to reading instructions in a manual without the manual. It will be downloaded within your own being. Yes, this is happening now to many who are connecting to their ascension energies and the higher frequencies of this Universe. You automatically follow the guidance to create with all knowledge coming in. It will come in stages and unfold in a process as you go along, and this is how many of the masters of your planet like Tesla and the great philosophers came to bring humans great wisdom. There will come a time where study only comes as an unfoldment/enfoldment of wisdom through connecting and activating the infinite library within. The message that this spirit art brings is the frequencies of the new earth, this is for those who are consciously aware of their ascension path and are feeling the differences in their realities at this time, many will notice fluctuations in their day to day lives as we all become the observers in what is happening around us. It is like looking through a window from a distance and seeing the way and experiences of others that are not directly affecting you. The new earth is a balanced and harmonious experience where the difference between lessons on the 3d trajectory and the new earth trajectory is likened to a little piece of heaven or paradise. Yet what humanity will realize is that there are different laws that govern this realm as far as karma is concerned, for much of the results or consequences will be instantaneous, it will be more of a quickening within the unfolding. There are really no repetitive lessons that are given to one over and over again but rather, an unfolding. The higher energy frequency is a higher awareness, therefore activations that instill a specific light language or coding occurs, and we are hoping you are understanding the difference in the ability for expansion? Karma brings cause and effect in a slower more repetitious value, where a quickening within the unfolding of awareness brings revelation through higher awareness. Rainbow light in this art that the guide specifically asked to be displayed, does bring with it all the spectrums of frequency and this allows for the many different aspects of awareness and experiences infinitely occurring. It’s like the diamond- the crystal-clear spectrum, and within it, all colors and of sound light frequency. With that, brings infinity of all things. There is much we can say about the exciting new frequencies that are all about the new earth and where many of you are fluctuating in and out of; soon it will be a continuous flow. What we would like to accentuate, is the new experiences that many with begin to have in their lives when they are ascending and tapping into the new earth frequency. It will become like a quickening of the realities you are all focusing on without delay as there is in a comparison on the 3d earth. Many thoughts and beliefs will materialize and become a part of you faster, and this is good for the reasons that you will soon begin to see-what is serving you, and what is no longer serving you. This is excellent in the quickening of expansion of the soul’s growth. You will become more fluid within your realities and flowing with the lessons that come and go and rise you up in frequency. The more you can hold the energy awareness, the flow is almost materialized instantaneous. We would like you to know for whomever this radiates to, that working on yourself is a bit different than in your 3d reality, (sometimes getting hit hard to wake you up,) this is what we are focused on within this message, to sum things up, all you have known will change and be revealed in a more harmonious way, and flow easier for you to navigate in your creations, that it will become so natural to you.

We hope that you take what resonates and leave the rest.

With love…..

(*neon, this word was a typo, (taken out) within this sentence somehow, but means extremely bright)

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