These small paintings are a part of a series of videos I am in process of making, so please check back to watch on my Youtube channel. I will also be adding more mixed media paintings here shortly. I did not take too much time on these because they are for quick readings, of course I could have continued with more detail. Each spirit being has a message, and that is what is more important and will be in the video.

Some of them were very clear visions in my meditations, some come as impressions, my galactic beings really come in clear to me. I do use reference photos sometimes, not all the time, but of course, I create my own vision.

This one came through me in 2021 so I thought I would add it and add it’s message in a video. I was loosely pencil sketching. I had no clue, not even a vision, of what was trying to come through. I actually blocked it’s energy when I saw what it was. However, when I stopped the resistance and looked at it from a different perspective, I realized, it came only to bring a message, or possibly a warning. (more coming)

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