Here are a few recent Spirit Art that I have done.

These, and others shown in my gallery and on my other websites, take a week or more to do the art, and I spend an entire day doing the reading. Every empath or intuitive is different, and I like to take my time, because during the week, as I am focused on a clients energy, I may even dream, or receive a message from a loved one. However, my readings are based on spiritual growth, and the purpose of the soul, not so much on future probabilities. Although, it is possible for me to pick up something that has built in momentum, and ready to materialize. Over the years, I have learned that if you want a specific answer, you should ask a specific question. This assists in getting less distorted or fragmented information, at the same time, your guidance system will not and cannot interfere with your lessons/blueprint -especially if you do not ask. Requesting a reading, you give consent to the Holy Spirit to access what is most important for your soul growth in the moment of time you request it. For more information, go to my website

I take passion in this, as this was the first expression of Spirit that has come through to me in the very beginning of my spiritual path. In the mid 1990’s, I was introduced to a Spirit Artist, who did my own reading and art of a little person, 4ft tall named Sunflower, and told me I would also become a spirit artist like herself.

Mine are done only by donation as I give a lot of my time, in service. If you are interested, I would need your full name and a few questions to Please feel free to offer a heart felt exchange and click the link below if you choose. Thank you so much!

I would like to give credit, Angelic Script Font created by Martina Benassi available for anyone to download from her website.

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