This illustration is from the New book coming out this fall hopefully by October,22nd 2019, Travel In-Between Space with the Little People.

The Little People leave their home to help a grieving 11 year old orphan named Henry who is being raised by a family of Foxes and guarded by their friend Eagle. Henry’s bloodline comes from the great Mystic Stargazer known throughout the kingdom and discovers how to see realities through a Timeline Telescope. The little people fairies, Deetkatu and Trinity tag along with Henry’s best friend Fox as they travel on many adventures to different planets and galaxies. Henry meets other worldly beings that teach him what he must do in order to save the Elemental Kingdom and the Earth from off planet controllers. A couple of Knocker goblins sign a contract with these Visitors that could change the fate of Henry’s life and the life of their own race.  Through the magical mystery of the In-between and the power of the imagination, the Elemental Kingdom and the Galactic World’s come together to reveal how to cope with the ebb and flow of creating change in the dimensions of existence.