My newest digital art portrait. I wanted to see if I could do a digital painting that looks similar to a real painting. The wrinkles are very hard to do but i think i pulled it off.

WYRD is what my Wizzard represents. It means fate or destiny. He is a seer that can predict your fate or destiny by the timeline that you are presently on. He tries to point in the direction you could go but he will not tell you your destination. He warns you must always act in integrity for you will not escape your deeds. They carry you to meet exactly what you do not see, within a wrinkle in time, if not in this life surely in the next. A wrinkle in time, by his definition, are those little mistakes, hard knocks in life that are suppose to make us all the wiser; that age us with experience, mostly when we do not learn from them the first time.. He says the afterlife is not always initially pleasant if we are not aware, because we do not always like what we see about ourselves, and we will see it ultimately, so it is best to try to take responsibility for our actions that create our reality… that in turn effect the whole.

I enjoy doing oil paintings from scratch on my digital programs…I do miss my traditional oils though and will go back to those eventually…it is just like painting traditionally without the mess. Although i can swim in paint if it wasn’t toxic. Heehee

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