This is an activation through the Angelic realm. The metaphor of the cherry blossom tree is a story told by the client in a past life, and has to do with ancient philosophies from a life in Japan.

Fractal art matches the colors in the aura, as the alchemic symbols may activate higher knowledge of the quantum Universe and consciousness itself.

Speaking about the Angel himself in my artwork-The Angel is a guide and protector, also represents an aspect of the client. When I meditated for a vision of the client’s guide, I heard, not seen, “I AM an Angel with no face.” The rest came later. There is much more to this story but I will leave you with a Japanese legend told in his words, and in his own version….seems to be the Japanese man’s spirit can also be his Angel.

There once was a time when a beautiful man would sit by a cherry blossom tree in his garden. He would practice meditation after a strenuous physical exercise learning discipline with his sword. He always seemed to miss the cherry blossoms fall, because they would never last long. He would be away practicing his art in the spring when his tree would bloom. This day, he was lucky enough to be able to sit by his beloved tree in full bloom of lovely flowers and contemplate the reality of his life and life itself. When on this day, a stranger approached and he was challenged. The Japanese man remained in meditation, aware that a stranger was provoking him. He knew that he was risking his life just sitting there but he trusted in what his spirit was guiding him to do. He heard, “You will be protected from danger. Sit. “So, he remained in meditation under his cherry blossom tree. This stranger began getting angry and provoking the Japanese man even more, that the Japanese man felt the surprise of the cold sharp edge of a sword at his throat. The stranger yelled, “Open your eyes and stand up to defend yourself.” The Japanese man did not flinch and remained in meditation, trusting that his spirit was going to protect him if he listened and trusted. The stranger became even more agitated and thought to himself, this man has more power than I know. He must know better warring techniques than I do. So, he stood there watching for any sign or movement in the meditating man who was quietly sitting under his cherry blossom tree. The stranger’s own thoughts began to invade him, and he began to believe this was a tactic that was going to kill him, but he did not know how this would occur with a motionless man. So, the stranger challenged him again. His thoughts of fear became louder that this man was powerful being so peaceful and had no fear. Yet, the Japanese man was keeping his fear from bubbling up to the surface, he did not want to show any signs in his expression, he wanted to get up and slash the stranger with his sword and possibly risk his own life if he did not move quick enough. This was hard to do, until he felt the peace of his spirit come over him, and tell him do not get up, “Just wait.” The stranger started to act painfully agitated and fearful, now not even able to think properly. His thoughts told him he would be killed at any moment. He decided to back up slowly from the meditating man and run away screaming in fear. By then, the Japanese man’s spirit told him, now open your eyes… and all he could see were the beautiful cherry blossoms falling down onto him like rain. It was the most beautiful sight he had ever seen.