Force of Separation is the energy of duality that separates you from truth and love. I recently delt with this at a place of employment. I chose NOT to deny who I AM and what I stand for. I observed this attached to the majority of those unawakened souls. So many still living in a fog. I have also dreamt in the past of “hunters” trying to convert me to the dark side in the dream state. Promising all kinds of riches.

This image is an activation of awareness of what the force of separation can mean in your life. What is going on now in our society, in our world as a whole, which is what we should be..whole.  Luring you to pick a side or go for the money rather than standing in your truth. This force pits us against one another and dangles the carrot in front of you.

It is time to become authentic and stand in integrity. Do not fall for the Force of Separation. You must find strength in what you believe in and walk your talk!

Digitally painted fractal art by Chris DiSano.