This dragon has been in the works for awhile, she came to my imagination although she felt real to me. I knew I wanted to paint this white dragon because I feel she is good, and so many things represent her presence to humanity now. She is protection for one, protecting her egg, our children, what is sacred, golden, haloed. A turmoil of a storm and tornado are brewing behind her. I like that it is behind, unfortunately for some, it can be trying to catch up. I know there is more meaning to it, but that will come later when I complete the video of me painting her. I will leave the rest up to you to decide…. also I have scanned this piece and I am working on a program to make sure this large canvas will be available with a nice high resolution in print. The transparency in her wings can represent the veil, the thinning veil. For those who need this information and or resonate, you need to be fierce like her right now, especially if the storm is upon you. That is what I feel she would symbolize to me, a peaceful warrior, fierce fire in balance, so, go ride the dragon! Her fire is the fire within you. She is your guide! This original painting is now for sale along with canvas wraps, framed and poster prints.

I did not paint this intentionally, I tried to create dragon eyes from many reference photos, but when I was painting her eyes, I realized her pupils are crosses, and for sure represent Christ, the Christos, Kryst consciousness! She is for surely good, and represents PEACE in the eye of the STORM.


Return of the White Dragon All Music in this video: by Alexander Nakarada (

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