This is a digital painting that inspired me to stop what I was doing and paint. At present, I am learning how to digitize machine embroidery designs. It’s been a year. So, I was itching to paint something whether digital or with a medium. This art is a higher resolution than posted here, 18×24. These faery creatures seem to pick up a caricature essence that is awfully familiar to me, but oh come on, they are just fae! These two lovelies are in a dark forest in the middle of fall. The moon comforts them and lights their surroundings. Star light, Star bright, helps illuminate the environment too, and you can make a wish on top of that! It will soon be getting cold and we know this by the trees having lost their leaves. To humans, the mushroom is poisonous, that can represent the toxicity within us that we are capable of healing, however, when it grows large enough, the scarcer or separate humans may feel, at the same time, the larger this mushroom grows, it will become a faerie’s home. The faeries are here to tell you, that there are so many unseen helpers around us, all we have to do is tune into them and know we are always loved, even in the darkest and coldest times. They have each other, so rest assured you have someone too!! Nothing is what it seems….