I believe whales and dolphins are similar to human consciousness yet far more connected to Source and removed from ego. What would you feel if you initially came upon a whale? Fear comes to mind. I did a quick painting of a blue whale which is the largest of the whale species. How magnificent they are and lately I have been feeling the connection to them even though I live no where near an ocean… so I felt the urge to paint them. They are here to help us face our fears and remind us to become that connection to Source. Whale consciousness reminds us to heal the unhealed issues in our life that can create such huge problems. We are coming into a new consciousness now and we need to let go of those beliefs that no longer work for us anymore. It is like a death yet coming into a new life. Whale consciousness is the new consciousness we all need to tap into. More so BE it.

I have had at least two dreams of swimming with the whales. Another one, I was a sea creature and a whale was in the background of my dream. I felt an affinity to this creature, like it was my friend.

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