This is my 3rd and final Little People book, three years in the making, “Travel In-Between Space with the Little People.” I consider it to be a middle grade novel, as it contains 184 pages, so, that is two Little People books in one this time, with more than 30 illustrations, I digitally painted. A perfect nightly bedtime read. I am so excited to share it with you.

Through the introduction of quantum manifesting, “Travel In-Between Space with the Little People,” embarks upon on a galactic journey within different realities, shaping the ebb and flow of change from the heart.  The Little People come to the aid of a grieving eleven year old orphan, named Henry.  His bloodline comes from the great Mystic Stargazer known throughout the Elemental Kingdom, and he discovers how to see perceptions of existence through a Timeline Telescope.  Henry is being raised by a family of Foxes, and guarded by his friend Eagle, when he befriends the Little People fairies, Deetkatu, and Trinity.  Along with Henry’s best friend Fox, they travel on many adventures to different planets and galaxies.  Henry meets other worldly beings that teach him what he must do in order to save the Elemental Kingdom and the Earth from off planet controllers.  At the same time as we know it, a couple of Knocker goblins sign a contract with Visitors that will change the fate of Henry’s life, and the fate of their own race.

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